Privacy Policy

We will explain in a simple and understandable way our privacy policy, i.e. what personal information we collect from you and store and for what purpose. And also what rights you have over the data you provide us with to provide you with our services.

When someone makes a reservation through our website, he/she has to accept this privacy policy. If they do not accept it, the reservation will not be possible. For this reason, any customer who has booked through this website, has given his explicit consent and has been informed that we process his data as specified below, as he/she has accepted this privacy policy

The data we request from our customers are as follows:

First and last name
E-mail address
Phone number

And this is what we do with the data collected:

1-We process them only to maintain the commercial relationship with customers.
2-We store them in an automated file on our server, located in the United States of America under the protection of the Privacy Shield agreement, and for this reason we transmit the data legally internationally.

2.2-[Update 07/23/2020]. We inform you that the verdict of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Case C311/18 has invalidated the Privacy Shield agreement, but we continue to transfer data to the United States of America, where our website is hosted, based on the derogations of Article 49 of the GDPR. By booking on, you explicitly consent to the transfer of this data to the United States of America: name, surname, address, email address, landline and/or cell phone number and VAT number). Transfers of personal data to the United States of America, according to European Union legislation, are not adequately protected, and the Government of the United States of America does not take actions to securely protect the data. By booking on you acknowledge being informed of this fact and authorize the transfer of the data necessary for registration to the United States of America.

What do we not do with the data?

We do not sell them, we do not provide them to anyone who does not have to access them to provide a service, we do not print them, we do not store them without adequate security measures, and we do not do anything other than what has been stated above.

Users have the following rights over the data we store:

a) Access: allows the owner of the data to obtain information about the information we process.
b) Rectification: allows the owner of the data to correct errors and modify them if they are incomplete.
c) Deletion: allows the owner of the data to delete the information about what we have stored, unless there is a legal obligation to keep it.
d) Limitation: allows the owner of the data, within the limits of the established legal conditions, to stop the processing, so as to prevent future processing, and is kept only for legitimate purposes, or for the exercise of defense or possible claims
e) Portability: allows the data owner to receive his personal information or the option to transfer it to another data controller in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form. To exercise this right, the user must provide an e-mail address.

To exercise any of these rights, please write to:

Casa la Canal
Major, 20
43373 Cabassers
Or write to
Whenever there are significant changes to this privacy policy, we will notify interested parties.
This is version 1.1 of the privacy policy of this website, February 17, 2022.